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EHL Announces Agreement with Hoser

By EHL/EHLP Staff, 07/21/20, 9:00AM EDT


Hoser Hockey Becomes New League Partner

BOSTON, MA -- The Eastern Hockey League (EHL) and Eastern Hockey League Premier (EHLP) are pleased to announce a new partnership with Hoser Hockey.

Hoser Hockey offers equipment and apparel, and represents the friendships made throughout the hockey journey.

"We are very excited to begin this new partnership with the EHL and EHLP," said Hoser Hockey owner Sean McVey. "The #Eshow has established a tremendous brand over the years showcasing an amazing amount of NCAA Commitment totals. We look forward to helping provide the players with all their accessory needs to help take their game to the next level."

As part of the agreement, all players will receive discounted access to a list of every day hockey supplies throughout the 2020-21 season.

"I've gotten to know Sean [McVey] well over the past year, and I love the direction he's going in with his company," said Neil Ravin, the league's Director of Communications. "Just like how the #Eshow is growing its brand name, Hoser Hockey is doing the same, and I look forward to establishing a great relationship with this company."

Stay tuned for more news and updates from the #Eshow, as we gear up to drop the puck again this fall.