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#Eshow Episode #41 | Strength In Preparation

By Neil Ravin - Director of Communications, 10/15/20, 9:00AM EDT


Interview with Ryan Garrow and David Rosales, Plus New Picks for the #ECrew Fantasy Challenge

BOSTON, MA -- Things are picking up in the Eastern Hockey League (EHL) and the Eastern Hockey League Premier (EHLP), with full slate of games over the next seven days.

On this week's episode of the #Eshow we bring Ryan Garrow and David Rosales back on the podcast for the 2nd time (1:03), to discuss how to train and prepare with a constantly changing game and practice schedule. We also review the previous week in the EHL and the EHLP (25:19), with a trip around the league, and get we caught up in the #ECrew Fantasy Challenge (1:03:13).

Ryan Garrow is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at St. Michael's College.

David Rosales is the co-owner of Roman Fitness Systems Inc. and the head editor of, the official website of the NHL strength coaches.

OCTOBER 15TH, 2020
Strength In Preparation
Episode #041 -- The #ECrew & Special Guests Ryan Garrow & David Rosales

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