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The Granite Cup

By Neil Ravin - Director of Communications, 01/05/21, 9:00AM EST


North Division Announces In-State Event for 2nd Half

BOSTON, MA -- The North Division of the Eastern Hockey League (EHL) is pleased announce the formation of a new annual event called "The Granite Cup". The event will feature all four teams currently playing in the state of New Hampshire -- Lumberjacks Hockey ClubNew England WolvesNew Hampshire Avalanche, and Seacoast Spartans.

The event will take place over the following four days, with each team hosting their own respective set of games -- February 6th, 7th, 14th, and 15th.

Each of the four days will include a pair of regular season games, that will still count towards the league standings.

Separate from the league standings, each team will accrue a points percentage from the four days of the event (2/6, 2/7, 2/14, and 2/15), and the team with the highest percentage will be crowned The Granite Cup Champion for the 2020-21 season.

The game schedule is as follows:

  • 2/6 -- Avalanche vs. Wolves (1:30 pm) -- Waterville Valley Ice Arena
  • 2/6 -- Spartans vs. Lumberjacks (5:00 pm) -- Waterville Valley Ice Arena
  • 2/7 -- Wolves vs. Lumberjacks (11:30 am) -- Merrill Fay Arena
  • 2/7 -- Spartans vs. Avalanche (3:00 pm) -- Merrill Fay Arena
  • 2/14 -- Lumberjacks vs. Wolves (1:10 pm) -- Ice Den Arena
  • 2/14 -- Spartans vs. Avalanche (4:20 pm) -- Ice Den Arena
  • 2/15 -- Wolves vs. Spartans (12:00 pm) -- The Rinks at Exeter
  • 2/15 -- Avalanche vs. Lumberjacks (3:30 pm) -- The Rinks at Exeter
Jim Mosso
Andrew Trimble
Chris Cerrella
Brett Tryder