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EHL and BioSteel Sports Renew Partnership

By Neil Ravin, 09/07/21, 9:00AM EDT


BioSteel Continues as The Sports Drink of the #EShow

BOSTON, MA -- The Eastern Hockey League (EHL) and Eastern Hockey League Premier (EHLP) are pleased to announce the renewal of the #EShow's partnership with BioSteel Sports Nutrition (BioSteel).

BioSteel’s clean, honest, and effective formulation quickly gained support and popularity in some of the most prominent pro sports locker rooms in North America, and eventually drew the attention of everyday sports nutrition consumers with an eye for quality products. The legacy of #DrinkThePink™ lives on in BioSteel’s Sports Hydration Mix.

Today, BioSteel™ is one of the most trusted brands in both locker rooms and households alike. As the most purchased product in North American pro sports, it’s no wonder that BioSteel™ is the #1 choice for sports nutrition consumers globally.

"BioSteel is thrilled to be the sports drink for EHL athletes,” said Michael Cammalleri, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of BioSteel Sports Nutrition Inc. “Our sugar-free sports drink is designed in the most natural way possible to keep athletes hydrated on and off the ice.”  

Players across both divisions of the EHL and EHLP will gain discounted access to products dedicated to improving their performance both on and off the ice.

Below you'll find a link to the league's dedicated BioSteel page, which contains team-specific discount codes for all 19 organizations in the #EShow.