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EHL Set to Begin Self-Governance

By EHL/EHLP, 05/23/22, 8:00AM EDT


New Structure Starting in Upcoming 2022-23 Season

BOSTON, MA -- The Eastern Hockey League (EHL) and Eastern Hockey League Premier (EHLP) will begin operating under a new self-governance model starting in the upcoming 2022-23 season. Having established itself as the direct-to-college placement leader on the East Coast, this change in policy will help the EHL continue to raise the bar and better align its product with the goals and ambitions of the student-athletes. In particular, the new structure will allow all league games to be played under NCAA On-Ice Hockey rules, which will further prepare our players for the level that they are aspiring to reach.

Along with the changes to the playing rules, the EHL Board of Governors has elected a five-person Executive Committee, forming a strong leadership team at the top. The Executive Committee is made up of Mike Sorabella (Boston Jr. Rangers), who serves as the League Chairman, as well as Maurice Rosales (Vermont Lumberjacks), Paul Gilmartin (Valley Jr. Warriors), Matthew Kiernan (New Jersey 87's), and Mario Martiniello (New Hampshire Avalanche).

In addition to the Executive Committee, Joe Bertagna (Commissioner) and Neil Ravin (Associate Commissioner) will continue to serve in their present roles as the league staff. This fall will mark the start of Bertagna's third season with the EHL, following a 38-year run as a commissioner in NCAA Division I hockey. As for Ravin, the 2022-23 season will be his 8th year with the league, and second in his current role.

The EHL and EHLP would like to take a moment to thank USA Hockey for the support and guidance it has provided since the league was formed back in 2013.

Located in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States, the EHL and its 19 teams celebrate its 10th season in 2022-23. For the past six years, the EHL has finished as the leader in the Direct-To-College Advancement at the Division II and III levels. This past season alone, the EHL accounted for nearly 1 in every 5 freshmen on Division II and III rosters.

To go along with the NCAA Commitments, the EHL has also helped over 100 players work their way up to higher levels of junior play. This area of advancement is also not limited to just players, as the EHL has seen a number of coaches make the jump up the ladder as well.

The EHLP serves as a developmental division for the EHL. The EHLP celebrates the start of its 8th season under the EHL this fall, with 15 teams split up between 3 different divisions. While the name has changed a couple of times, the model remains the same; to help players develop and prepare for the next step in their journey.

The EHL's sub-division has done a great job promoting players up the ranks of junior hockey, and is responsible for a number of the league's NCAA Commitments. Over 350 players have developed at this level and then made their jump up to the EHL.

With every player comes a different path and next step. Whether it's college hockey or climbing the junior ranks, the EHL and the EHLP provide all of our players with the resources to improve their game and keep climbing in their respective journeys.

Every story is different, and we're ready to help you write the next chapter in yours.

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