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EHL Alumni Spotlight -- Eddie Pavlini

By EHL, 10/30/23, 9:00AM EDT


New Jersey Native Goes from EHL, to NCAA Division I, to Behind the Bench -- Full Circle Back to Wizards

BOSTON, MA -- To commemorate the Eastern Hockey League's (EHL) 10-year anniversary, each month we will highlight an Alumni player who excelled in the league, and then used the EHL as a pathway to further hockey success.

For the month of October, we look back on Eddie Pavlini, a 1996 birth year forward from New Jersey, who worked and earned his way up through the Junior hockey ranks, before achieving his dream of playing NCAA Division 1 hockey for St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY.

His EHL career began in the 2015-16 season, but really took off in 2016-17 under the tutelage o Freddy Meyer and the East Coast Wizards.

“My experience in the EHL was awesome," said Pavlini. "I made lifelong friends while playing for the Wizards. It was probably the most fun I had playing hockey. The coaching and day to day structure of being on ice and in the gym is what prepared me best for college hockey.”

From the 2017-18 to 2019-20 seasons, Pavlini dressed in 25 games with the St. Lawrence University Saints (an NCAA Division 1 school that competes in the ECAC) earning the respect of his teammates and coaches. During his sophomore campaign, he registered his first career NCAA goal, on January 11th vs RPI, and was awarded the Friends of St. Lawrence Hockey’s James S. Street Seventh Player Award for his contributions to the team both on and off the ice.

“I got connected to Coach [Mark] Morris at St. Lawrence through Freddy [Meyer] who was my Wizards coach at the time (in the EHL)," added Pavlini. "I had an opportunity to walk on the team during my freshman fall when they had a bunch of injuries and I was able to earn a spot for the next 4 years.”

In the 2020-21 school year (Pavlini’s senior season) the COVID-19 Pandemic and the strict guidelines in the state of New York prevented Pavlini and his St. Lawrence teammates from participating in any games. This officially ended Pavlini’s collegiate hockey career. He left St. Lawrence that season having been a part of a program that qualified for 3 straight ECAC tournament appearances, a college degree from a top academic institution, and lifelong friendships.

Pavlini is now an Assistant Hockey Coach at the Middlesex Prep school in Concord, MA, as well as for the Wizards, and he had this to say to athletes looking to play at the highest level.

“Work hard and don’t take shortcuts," concluded Pavlini. "Putting in extra work will never hurt. Be a good teammate. Listen to your coaches. Take nutrition, and rest and recovery seriously. Doing the right things on and off the ice will give you your best chance to achieve your hockey goals. Play with confidence!”

The EHL takes great pride in players such as Eddie Pavlini for helping them reach their goals and fulfilling our league motto -- With every player comes a different path and next step. Whether it's college hockey or climbing the junior ranks, the EHL and the EHLP provide all of our players with the resources to improve their game and keep climbing in their respective journeys.

Every story is different, and we're ready to help you write the next chapter in yours.

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