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EHL Announces Partnership with Peak Performance Prep Hockey

By EHL/EHLP, 02/26/24, 9:00AM EST


PPP Games to be Played During 2024-25 Opening Showcase

BOSTON, MA -- The Eastern Hockey League (EHL) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Peak Performance Prep Hockey (PPP), starting this fall, in the upcoming 2024-25 season.

PPP is a new and exciting Fall Prep League. It is dedicated to providing Prep players and families with an experience that allows players to enjoy the Prep school life while playing competitive hockey with their school teammates. PPP emphasizes promoting their players on a platform that will give them an opportunity to continue to pursue hockey beyond Prep school at the Junior and College levels. Our commitment is and always will be putting our players' needs first and our approach will always utilize a players-first mentality. PPP also works closely with Prep schools and Coaches to ensure that their teams and players are prepared for the Winter season. PPP is Fall Hockey, 'The Prep Way!'

"I'm beyond excited to announce this new partnership with PPP hockey, as it will prove to be beyond beneficial for all players involved," said Neil Ravin, the Associate Commissioner of the EHL. "By welcoming PPP into the Opening Showcase of the 2024-25 season, it will only help bolster one of our marquee events of the year. I'm truly looking forward to showcasing all of the players in the PPP in front of all the EHL and NCAA coaches in attendance."

As Ravin mentioned, the foundation of the partnership is focused on all 12 PPP teams hitting the ice during the league's Opening Showcase of the 2024-25 season, which is scheduled for October 3rd through the 6th. Each PPP team will play two games apiece at the event, one on Saturday the 5th and one on Sunday the 6th. The PPP Front Office staff will determine the six matchups per day through their regular scheduling process.

Chris Jones, the Executive Director of PPP, discussed the various benefits of this partnership.

"For us, this just made perfect sense," said Jones. "We have always respected the EHL and their approach to the development of players. Their track record of moving players onto college hockey has been excellent for a long time. We also want to provide our families with an educational aspect focusing on the path to college hockey and what that looks like. What better way to do this than in a junior hockey seminar with our players and families in a room with EHL and NCAA coaches to get much needed feedback and guidance. Neil Ravin and the members of the EHL also possess a players-first mentality and PPP admires their professionalism and consistent dedication to staying true to their ideals and approach.  This is a truly exciting time for us as we head into our 3rd season and this partnership will give all PPP players an opportunity to move on to a league that cares about their future!"

As Jones mentioned, every PPP family will be present for a junior hockey seminar, during the showcase. These symposiums will include representatives from the EHL Front Office, to go along with league coaches and NCAA coaches, all focused on teaching the prospective players and their families more about the process of reaching the NCAA ranks.

"I think this will be a tremendous benefit to all players, coaches, and teams," said Steve Kauffman, the Owner of PPP. "The players in PPP will be able to showcase themselves in front of all the EHL and NCAA coaches in attendance. This will lead to more players coming through PPP and into the EHL to achieve their NCAA goals. Perry Gaudreau is the first of what we hope are many players to follow this path to NCAA hockey.

Gaudreau is the primary example of a player in the EHL right now, who followed a path through prep hockey then onto juniors, ultimately earning his chance to attend Suffolk University this fall.

The EHL is looking forward to welcoming in the teams and players of the PPP, this upcoming October.