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EHL Pipeline of the Week - The SUNYAC

By Neil Ravin - Director of Communications, 07/18/18, 9:00AM EDT


80 Total Commits Since 2013

BOSTON, MA -- Ever since the Eastern Hockey League (EHL) was formed back in 2013, the State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) has always recruited the league very strongly. To date, 80 total EHL players have committed to schools in the SUNYAC, and that includes 14 more who will be joining the conference this Fall. The SUNYAC is made up of the following nine NCAA hockey programs.

  • Buffalo State
  • Oswego State
  • Morrisville State
  • Plattsburgh State
  • SUNY Brockport
  • SUNY Cortland
  • SUNY Fredonia
  • SUNY Geneseo
  • SUNY Potsdam

Below you'll find a list of all the EHL players and one alumni who will be kicking off their collegiate hockey careers this Fall, along with insight from some of the coaches in the SUNYAC.

Daniil Ovchinnikov - Plattsburgh State (Boston Jr. Rangers)
Ian Wallgren - Plattsburgh State (Connecticut Oilers)
Mitchell Parsons - SUNY Brockport (Connecticut RoughRiders)
Matt Letmanski - SUNY Fredonia (East Coast Wizards)
Devin Panzeca - SUNY Potsdam (East Coast Wizards)
Ethan Clark - SUNY Potsdam (New Hampshire Avalanche)
Michael Paglucca - SUNY Potsdam (New Hampshire Avalanche)
Ben Thompson - SUNY Potsdam (New Hampshire Avalanche)
Matthew Araujo - Plattsburgh State (New York Bobcats/Boston Jr. Rangers)
% Trevor Micucci - Buffalo State (Philadelphia Little Flyers)
Austin Johnson - Morrisville State (Seahawks Hockey Club)
Austin Roy - Morrisville State (Seahawks Hockey Club)
Andrew Bechard - Plattsburgh State (Vermont Lumberjacks)
Chris Gratton - SUNY Potsdam (Walpole Express)
Trevor Pray - SUNY Brockport (Walpole Express)

% Alumni Commitment
* Fall of 2019 Commitment

“We've recruited many student athletes from the EHL over the years and each one of them has had success. The coaches in the league go out of their way to be available and accommodating during the entire recruiting process. I look forward to recruiting players from the EHL each year."

Brian Dickinson
Head Coach
SUNY Brockport

“Brockport currently has a number of players on our roster that spent time developing their individual games in the EHL. We continue to recruit quality players from the league (Mitchell Parsons and Trevor Pray most recently) largely in part due to the quality coaching within the EHL. Coaches such as Jon Lounsbury, Eric Lind, Chris Cerrella, Freddy Meyer, etc. continue to go above and beyond to ensure each of their players is improving, both on and off the ice, in order to be "college hockey ready." That in itself is a big part of beginning the process at our level. The EHL is readily accessible for many NCAA DIII hockey programs recruiting efforts with multiple showcases and a widespread locational coverage of teams across the northeast. The players are focused on gaining a commitment to a school that best fits them, so for all involved it's a win-win.”

Kris Horn

Assistant Coach
SUNY Brockport

"I find the Eastern Hockey League gives players an opportunity to grow both as a player and as a person, so Cortland will continue to recruit the league to find quality student-athletes for our program."

Joe Cardarelli 
Head Coach
SUNY Cortland

“Take one look at our roster and you can tell how Fredonia feels about recruiting EHL players as we will have 12 in 2018-19. I have been really impressed by the organization of the league. From EHL coaches who work hard to contact college coaches, to well-timed showcases, and even to the conference calls initiated by the league commissioner soliciting input from college programs; everything is geared toward making the EHL stronger and in turn placing more players into college programs. I sense that everyone in the EHL is on the same page and it’s all about development and placement. That’s so refreshing."

Jeff Meredith

Head Coach
SUNY Fredonia

“The continued growth and rise in level of play in the EHL has made the league a prime recruiting target for Morrisville State. We work with some great teams and tremendous staffs that take pride in developing and promoting their players and their programs. Not only are EHL staffs preparing their players to play at the next level they are providing them with the tools to become the all around Student-Athlete. The work ethic, dedication, and success that we see from players coming out of the EHL on the ice, in the classroom, and in the community continue to promote the EHL as a recruiting priority for Morrisville State.”

Kevin Krogol

Head Coach
SUNY Morrisville

“We have had great success recruiting from the EHL, as Plattsburgh players from the EHL have won many league awards. I love recruiting the league, because coaches are receptive toward DII and DIII and respond quickly, never sticking their noses up at DII and DIII schools.”

Bob Emery

Head Coach
SUNY Plattsburgh

“The EHL has done a great job developing and promoting their players. The league’s coaches work diligently on behalf of the kids to develop relationships with NCAA teams that help them find the right place to optimize their college experience.”

Chris Bernard

Head Coach
SUNY Potsdam

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