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While we encourage everyone to sign up for Hockey TV due to the benefits of having an account, we do partner with Hockey TV each week to select two games (EHL & EHLP) to show free of charge. These games can also be watched later on-demand.

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HockeyTV is the definitive online destination to watch the Eastern Hockey League. By going to, viewers now have the most powerful online solution ever for viewing, archiving and managing hockey footage - from individual plays to complete games.

While NHL hockey gets broadcast on television, HockeyTV specializes in bringing you games that can’t be found anywhere else. 

HockeyTV takes on-ice action from the rink to laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones and TV devices such as Roku.

All Games Streamed Live and On-Demand at

The world class HockeyTV platform uses the most advance technology to bring you ice hockey effortlessly. HockeyTV includes features and benefits for leagues, teams and fans alike:

  • Unlimited viewing of games, live and on demand, with ability to easily flip from game to game on the fly
  • A modern interface that makes navigation simple to the hockey action that you want to watch, whether it’s live or on demand
  • Easy in-game navigation, with fully-functional DVR-like controls for pause, rewind, fast forward, instant replay, slow motion and more
  • Game roster integration, providing easy access to player information while viewing the action on most games
  • MyHockeyTV feature which allows viewers to clip, mark and save their favorite plays
  • Have online chats with other fans watching the same game as you worldwide

HockeyTV is a service of HockeyTech, the worldwide leader in hockey related technology, analytics, video and information services.

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Sun 2/7 3:00p
Spartans vs Avalanche
Sun 2/7 11:30a
Wolves vs Lumberjacks
Fri 1/29 12:30p
Apple Core vs 87s
Fri 1/18 1:30p
Lumberjacks vs Avalanche
Fri 1/18 10:30a
Wolves vs Spartans
Fri 1/15 6:30p
Chiefs vs Express
Fri 12/11 11:00a
Jr Rangers vs Warriors
Sat 12/5 5:30p
Avalanche vs Wolves
Thurs 11/26 11:30a
Express vs Seahawks
Fri 11/20 1:00p
Maryland vs 87s
Fri 11/13 2:30p
Jr Rangers vs Express
Wed 11/4 1:00p
RoughRiders vs 87s
Fri 10/23 12:30p
RoughRiders vs Chiefs
Fri 10/16 12:00p
Maryland vs Jr Ducks
Wed 10/7 1:40p
Seahawks vs Avalanche
Fri 10/2 11:30a
Jr Ducks vs RoughRiders


Fri 1/29 1:30p
Wolves vs Avalanche
Fri 1/15 7:00p
87s vs Little Flyers
Fri 12/11 11:00a
Jr Rangers vs Railers
Sat 12/5 1:00p
Little Flyers vs 87s
Sun 11/29 4:20p
Wolves vs Avalanche
Sat 11/21 7:00p
Railers vs Jr Rangers
Fri 11/13 6:50p
Express vs Railers
Thurs 11/5 12:30p
Wolves vs Avalanche
Fri 10/23 8:00p
87s vs Little Flyers
Fri 10/16 3:20p
Jr Rangers vs Avalanche
Mon 10/12 3:10p
Renegades vs Chiefs
Sat 10/3 1:00p
87s vs Little Flyers