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What is the EHL?

The EHL is a junior hockey league that is fully committed to developing the skills hockey players need to be prepared for the next stage in their career. We are focused on maximizing your potential in the time you spend with us. When leaving the EHL, you’ll be better prepared for your next step.

Through individualized coaching, premium training programs, and a more dedicated experience, our priority is to provide the student athlete with the necessary tools to reach their goals on and off the ice.


Where Players Come First
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EHL Mission Statement

Committed To Our Players

At the EHL, our passion for the game of hockey shows in everything that we do. Through dedication and hard work, we have seen personal success starting with our sport, and our goal is to provide those same opportunities to the next generation of elite hockey players.

We believe through mutual commitment and passion, professional dedication, and access to the necessary resources, every hockey player can become a better version of themselves on and off the ice. It is through this individualized attention and holistic improvement that players achieve the highest level of success in their hockey goals and beyond. Because when dedicated individuals are in the habit of constantly improving, any level of success is possible.

Our goal is to show players and families what they deserve to receive as a valued member of a community. We insist on fostering a high level of competitiveness and a high level of play. However, we will not put coming in first over the development of an individual. Instead we create competitive success through the improvement of every player. We will not make unattainable promises just to have a player commit, but to be honest and forthright. We will not let any player fall behind, but instead push each student athlete to be their best.

We do this by committing to players the same way they commit to us. This means a dedicated coaching staff that works closely with every individual player to highlight their strengths and lessen their weaknesses.

At the EHL, our focus every day is on the student athlete and their goals so their focus can be on hockey and their own improvement. We work tirelessly to prepare the student athlete for their dreams so when they reach them, they’ll be ready.


Eastern Hockey League Premier (EHLP)

The Eastern Hockey League Premier (EHLP) serves as a developmental division for the EHL. The EHLP celebrates the start of its 9th season under the EHL this fall, with 16 teams split up between 3 different divisions. The league exists to help yougner players develop and prepare for the next step in their journey.

The EHL's sub-division has done a great job promoting players up the ranks of junior hockey, and is responsible for a number of the league's NCAA Commitments. Over 400 players have developed at this level and then made their jump up to the EHL.