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Addesa Commits to MCLA

By EHL/EHLP, 06/26/23, 3:00PM EDT


Railers All-Star Captain Finishes Climb to NCAA Hockey

WORCESTER, MA -- Charlie Addesa, a forward for the Railers Jr. Hockey Club, has committed to the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) for the fall of 2023.

MCLA Head Coach, Jeremiah Ketts, first reached out to Addesa at the Worcester Showcase back in the fall. The Railers captain, fully dedicated to his squad in Worcester, opted to wait until the end of the season to commit.

"Coach Ketts knew I wanted to wait and was supportive of that decision. He always checked in on me and even texted me after I scored, which we all know wasn’t that often,” joked Addesa.

Railers head coach Sean Bertoni emphasized this about his Captain, “Charlie’s relationship with Coach Ketts is the reason he committed to MCLA."

For Addesa, MCLA, located in North Adams, MA, will be a change of pace from the city-life of Worcester.

“It’s definitely quieter out there, so it’s a big contrast from living in the city. Class sizes are smaller and I know I learn best in that environment. Walking around campus, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and in class, people were engaged,” he said.

A four-year Railer, the Andover, MA native joined the squad’s Premier team in their inaugural 2019-2020 season. His father and coach of the EHLP team, Mike Addesa III, chronicled his son’s time with Worcester.

"He started as a big contributor on the P team his first year in junior hockey,” said Addesa III. “His second year he was a role player and an in-and-out of the lineup guy (at the EHL level). But he trusted the process and kept working hard, and two years later he was captain of the E Team.”

Charlie Addesa finished the 2022-23 campaign with career highs in assists and points, tallying six goals and 15 assists to his name.

Bertoni was not shy of showing admiration towards his captain’s growth.

“Charlie Addesa is the definition of lead by example,” added Bertoni. “I have had the great privilege of seeing Charlie’s growth as a young man and hockey player during his four years as a Railer. Charlie is one of the hardest working, determined individuals I have ever coached. Charlie put everything he had into the Railers.”

Addesa expressed his gratitude toward his coach of several years.

"I get to call him Sean now that I’m done with the Railers,” he joked. “But in all seriousness, that man has done so much for me. I consider him a second dad. He was supportive throughout the entire process this year, always talking before practice about what schools he was talking to for me. I called him to tell him before I committed.”

Mike Addesa III also coached his son at the youth level with the Valley Jr. Warriors and New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs. Charlie Addesa also spent a year at the prep level with Brooks School.

“My dad is my best friend,” Charlie says. “A lot of that is because of hockey. It was a way for me to spend more time with him. He was harder on me than anyone, but I loved it.”

“I have always loved coaching Charlie,” Addesa III said. “This sport was something that kept us closely connected his whole life. I have always been proud of how well he has handled being held to the highest of high standards.”

For Charlie, he was born with those standards. As the grandson of legendary Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) head coach, Mike Addesa II, Charlie wore those high expectations on the back of his jersey. Affectionately known as “Coach A,” Addesa II served as general manager of the Railers JHC before he passed away in November of 2022.

“It was extremely tough for Charlie having the last name Addesa,” Bertoni said. “He needs to know how proud his grandfather was of his accomplishments and more importantly his growth as a man.”

“I felt like that my last name definitely carried some weight in the hockey world,” Charlie explained. “Any time I’d tell someone my full name, they’d ask about my grandfather and bring up a memory they shared together. My dad and grandfather would always tell me, ‘you never know who is watching you.’ Because of this, I felt like everything I did was under a microscope. But this last year, I felt like that weight was lifted. Once Coach Bertoni announced Ants (Railers captain Anthony Marchant) and I as captains, I knew I had to started carving my own path.”

As far as his father is concerned, Charlie hasn’t missed the mark.

“At the Railers, all players are held to high standards, but when it says “Addesa” on your name, the standard is no less than perfection,” Addesa III said. “Charlie has always gritted his teeth and lived up to those expectations.”

“My family means the world to me and I credit a lot of my success to them. I wouldn’t change my last name for anything in the world,” Charlie Addesa concluded.

Losing a loved one mid-season was difficult for the Railers captain, but he was beyond grateful for the support system.

“My team and my family were there for me the entire time,” Charlie said. “Everyone came to the funeral proceedings, even former Railers who played under my grandfather. It meant a lot to me.”

Wrapping up his fourth and final year with the Railers, he summed up his experience in five words: “I became a man here.”

“My development as a player was obviously a lot, but even more as a person,” he added. “Between maturing, taking on responsibilities, holding each other accountable, and the structure, I credit that to the Railers.”

Charlie Addesa now looks ahead to a new stage of his life. To prepare for the college game, he plans to spend the summer in the gym at Bando Performance and on the ice as much as possible.

“I’m honestly very excited to get back in the classroom. I haven’t been in one in over three years since COVID cut my senior year short,” he said. “We are a family in Worcester, but getting back into the real world and meeting new people really excites me.”

“I think Charlie and I were on a mission to make sure we did everything we could to make my father proud,” Addesa III said. “I think by Charlie realizing his dream of playing hockey and both teams making it to the Frozen Finals, we did him proud.”

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